You see, cagey

The UCKG has been criticised as a cult, a fraudulent money grabbing scam and for having been the church where pastors claimed murdered child Victoria Climbie was possessed, rather than the victim of abuse. So what, I’m sure they do some good.

The UCKG is the acronym of the ‘Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’.

You know what, they probably do some good.  They pop up in poor communities and offer salvation in the form of evangelical religion to some of those most in need.

So what if they require you to give 10 per cent of your income to them as a ‘tithe’?

“Tithes are central to the UCKG’s doctrines. It is expected that each member give 10 per cent of his total pre-tax income to the church. This means 10 per cent of all income: not just salary, but child benefit, pension, student grants, loans, interest, everything. Even people on the dole are expected to give up 10 per cent”

Source: New Humanist

Okay, so you are poor and can ill afford to give some ropey organisation your money, but look at all the great things that happen when you do:

Bank errors are sorted, promotions obtained, jobs offered – all by the miracle of God!

So what if it is run by a Brazilian Tycoon, Edir Macedo, who was jailed for fraud.

So what if the murderers of Victoria Climbie attended the Church and pastors there claimed she was ‘possessed’:

“The eight-year-old attended the UCKG with her aunt on several occasions.

One pastor from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), in north London, said the eight-year old was “possessed” and ran down the aisle during a service, screaming: “Prayer doesn’t help”. Carl Manning told the Old Bailey that Kouao had coached ‘Anna’ (Victoria was her given name, but her killers called her Anna) to make the run.

Another pastor, Alvero Lima, admitted he thought the child was “possessed” and offered to drive the Devil out at one of the UCKG’s weekly Friday “deliverance” services, at which the church offers strong prayer to “destroy witchcraft, devil possession, bad luck, bad dreams and spiritual problems”.”

Source: BBC, Independent

So what.  I’m sure they do some good.