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I'm creative, in that I create things. An artist, in that they are rendered in ink, paint, pixels and more.

Drawings, sketches, paintings, print and other multimedia artworks, completed and in progress, at michaelfredmanart.wordpress.com (new window)


You can buy prints of my art at Saatchi online.


My cartoons at isthissomekindofjoke.wordpress.com (opens in a new window) 

gorilla breaks its silence


I paint art works in several styles, including impressionism, figurative and surreal:

a painting I'm working on 

a painting I recently completed

buy prints at saatchionline

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 sketches, prints, drawings, by Mike Fredman, artist and designer

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Tin toys in a French marketI have written professionally in a range of contexts. For instance as editor and producer of the various publications, digital and tangible, of organisations for which I have worked.

You can read some articles I wrote for Creative Boom, part of the Guardian's Culture Professionals Network:

See the writing section of the site to read and download other articles.

I test wisdom at my Proverb Testing Blog

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Sometime singer/songwriter. Listen to and download my songs here: fredman.bandcamp.com

I've been a singer and guitarist in a few bands, including a former incarnation of a band called Kill Care Club, listen to Take More and Pantone 414c from this time.

More music, electronic and analogue, at soundcloud

A few of my songs:

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Photo by michael fredman copyright 2009

This is an informal repository for my creative works and thoughts.

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